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Technical Animation

Technical animation is the term we use for explanatory visualizations: How things work. Digital technology provides wonderful tools for slicing things apart and showing multiple aspects without needing diamond saws or hydraulic lifts. Although, we can animate hydraulic lifts if that's something you need.


Animation assets can be used for illustration, and vice-versa. Once a 3D asset is created, the (virtual) world is your oyster. Because 3D assets typically have no set 'resolution', images can be rendered big. Really big. We've done trade show images of 10 x 24 feet (3 x 8 meters) without breaking a sweat.

Custom Scripting/Programming

We've used Python, MaxScript, and other languages to create such varied results as fragmented images and roller coaster tracks. All with just words and numbers. Funny-looking words, at that.

Visual Effects

A catch-all term for many types of alterations, additions, or subtractions to an image. We can enhance your images, (literally) with everything from simple greenscreen compositing to complex 3-D image tracking and environment replacement.

Virtual Reality

One of the most rapidly changing realms of visual technology, virtual reality can encompass worlds in specialized headsets or augmented reality through your smartphone.

Stereographic Display

Somewhere between an MP4 file and a full VR world is stereographic display, commonly called 3D in your local cinema. Once all the rage in Victorian parlours, and enjoying a resurgence thanks to the many options for presentation. It's still a novel way of looking at things.